What the hell does Ben Hucke think?

Posted in Articles | August 9, 2010

Ben Hucke has been riding a considerable number of years; long enough to start a family, long enough to remember entering an ESPN contest in 1998 and long enough to realise he should have stuck a pair of pegs on years ago. We decided to throw an unrelated collection of words at him and see just what his opinions are…

COMPS: Last contest I attended was in 1998 for the ESPN B3 series. I had a lot of fun but realized it wasn’t really my scene. Now that there’s street jams/contest I’d be psyched to ride one if I was invited of course haha. They look like fun to ride.

PEGS: I never really rode pegs until a couple years ago, I couldn’t ride without them now days.


INJURY: For some reason I always think about getting hurt every time I try something. I don’t think I ever try something until I know I can do it or at least get out of it if I don’t.

BLOW OUTS: Fast food.

CHILD BIRTH: Amazing, a rush you will never experience and will never be duplicated by doing anything else. The second you hear the little guy scream out life really begins.

INTERNET: I sometimes sit back and think what would happen to our world if the internet just disappeared out of nowhere. People would freak out..

FAST FOOD: Blow outs.

GROWING UP: My ex tells me to do that all the time.

GROWING OLD: Sometimes I get scared of getting old but then I realize I could die at any second so it doesn’t matter. The older you get the more you experience and understand what life actually means to you.

JUMP BOXES: We never really had one growing up, probably the reason why there’s no Dew Cups on display in the Northwest.

SECURITY: Way too serious, they forget they are human and had fun at any point in their life.

BLACK METAL: Never really got into it.

BIGGIE SMALLS: Often wonder what music would be like these days if him and 2pac were still around.

GOOGLE: Wish I started it.

WHISKEY: We have a love hate relationship.

PLANES: I don’t mind planes.

HELL: Scary thought.

HEAVEN: I truly believe in God, If I die tomorrow and there’s really a Heaven I’m psyched. If there isn’t I haven’t lost anything. Seems like a good choice to me.