The Island

Posted in Articles | February 9, 2011

Well we made it in one piece, which is lucky since we set off around 3 am and had to catch a horrible 7 am flight. By the time we made it to our hostel and endured the 4 hours of easy jet hell including a surrounding family akin to the mcalister’s on home alone, we were all incredibly awake and eager to hit up some spots.

The Island of Tenerife is an usual one, its extremely hilly and our rental van (I say rental, it belongs to the owner of the hostel) is hardly cut out for 7 guys, 7 bikes and every hill ever in one place at one time. Not only do we have a shitty 1998 Nissan Van, we have a shitty 1998 Nissan van with no fuel gauge, no dashboard lights, bald tires and a leak in the roof.

Besides this, we have made good use of it and travelled across the city searching for new spots and unusual looking bars. Heres a few photos, more to come…