Texas Gallery

Posted in Articles | March 21, 2011

The trip was insane, if you have never been to South By South West music festival in Austin then you really are missing out on something completely different. Imagine a great big cement mixer with every different kind of music scene inside and then it getting turned on. The trip for us wasnt just about SXSW, but instead it was the first time we had all met and rode together, so on March 15th 2011 Ben Hucke met Jared Washington and Jared Washington met Shane Weston and Shane Weston met Ben Hucke and we all hired a van and explored the endless city that is Austin, TX. Over the next month we will be building our micro site which will include a slideshow of photos shot on film by Jared, Ben, Shane and myself. An interview video, a trailer and of course the video itself.

Until then, take a look at some photos I shot out and about.