Testing taken seriously

Posted in Articles, Product | August 6, 2010

Testing has always been a high priority here at Almond and the methods we used were at times frowned at, but we always said we needed every kind of view and every kind of criticism regarding the construction and durability of our shoes. Testers were mainly street riders, people who went through trainers fast and always hobbled because they chucked the B’s down 10 setters. Oh and then there was the delivery guy…

He didn’t chuck the B’s, just the steering wheel. He did walk 10k every day though and we needed that feedback because sometimes riders tend to cruise or get lifts, it’s good to get constructive views from all walks of life. Literally.

Did you know? All our shoes are made from durable materials, the upper on Jared’s 1&9’s are made from rough canvas and synthetic suede leather.

All models include a fully engineered shock absorbing internal elastomere core eve midsole. Which helps cushion out the impact of a heavy fall, so instead of that pain shooting up one part of your foot, it helps to spread it out a little and also, to create a nice mattress for your footsy.

All models have a molded Almond™ PU (POLYURETHANE) built into the insole, which is designed to absorb a wide range of impacts and help reduce heel bruising. Another part of the feedback that turned into a part of the shoe.

For more info on this and another testing lesson, take a look at our lookbook.

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