New Stage, New Ideas

Posted in Articles | April 20, 2010

Before Almond had any real solid products and when we were still just mapping out any kind of master plan we decided to make a short promo. We had a lot of fun making the promo and during the weekend we managed to hit a witch on a bike (honest she was a witch, see the video below), got asked to leave a Liverpool St. Station because a woman who thought we were filming her cried like a baby to security.

The idea for the video came quite easy, we didn’t have any products because nothing had been made yet and everything was still being tested. We knew we had to put ‘Footwear Coming Soon’ into it somewhere and at least let the public know about Almond. That’s when we started imagining if Almond Footwear was the first ever footwear company and shoes were not even invented, yeah it seemed odd but it kind of worked. It flowed from there and I guess we achieved what we set out to do. A big thanks to the guys and girls who stuck it out in the blistering London heat.

Here is an out take from the filming, where we hit a real living and breathing witch.