Go Weston

Posted in Articles | August 3, 2010

Shane Weston is all about watching TV and riding bikes, I don’t how good he watches TV but if it’s anything like his riding then he is probably very good at it. We caught up with him briefly to see how our new starter is getting on…

Hey Shane, welcome to the team, it’s cool to have you aboard! Hows things at the minute?

Thanks! yeah stoked to be aboard. Things are good at the moment, just been in Atlanta hanging out and riding for the last few days.

I gotta mention the whole ‘nothing stair jumps’ etc, are you secretly a 90’s jumpbox rider?

haha, yeah actually I am. My home town park had two amazing boxes and those are all we rode.

What kind of tricks are you on with at the moment?

hmm right now im getting back into using more of my coaster, over the few years i’ve kinda been slacking on it..

How much do you think about learning new tricks or mixing new and old tricks together?

Usually learning and mixing tricks is what I think about most of the time.

What do you do when you’re not riding?

Just hanging out really. We have been starting to play alot of volleyball lately. For the most part I watch alot of TV.

Best place you’ve ever ridden and worst place?

haha I dont know if its just cause I’m here but the spots are always good in Atlanta! Worst place would definitely have to be Florida.

If you could fly anywhere now, where would it be?

Maybe the philippines, see what my culture is all about.

Photo By Chris Burden

Check Weston out here in Atlanta!