Farewell Ben Hucke

Posted in Articles | January 4, 2013

Its so weird when a rider leaves, even when its on good terms. It just feels like the break up of a relationship, and thats because it is and thats the simplest way to see it.

Ben’s been with us since day one and without him we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the things we did. The hardest part of the last couple of years has been trying to work together easily and fit in around Bens hectic career. So we decided to part ways and hopefully things will be a lot easier for both of us. Ben was nice enough to write something which is below. We wish Ben all the best in his future and thank him for supporting us every step of the way.

“First off I just want to thank Almond for seeing something in me from the beginning, taking a shot and giving me the honor of having a signature shoe the past couple years. However as they sometimes say “all good things come to an end”. I’ve decided not to re-sign this year on good terms, for my own reasons and the most important one being that we just don’t have the time to work together. I’m an all or nothing type of person and unfortunately with the time and distance between us we weren’t able to build our relationship, work on products together, go on trips, etc… I truly wish Almond the best and I look forward to watching them continue to grow.” – Ben Hucke