Blood, sweat and vectorized tears

Posted in Articles | September 20, 2010

Hello everybody and welcome to another Almond Footwear blog, it’s been a crazy few weeks with trade shows happening and getting everything ready for production. In the last week we have designed the trade stands, the shoe box, sticker sheets, the hanging tags, the tissue paper (above) and numerous other promotional stuff, it’s been a frantic design off and I think we are winning…

Yeah these are the sticker sheets and should be good for all areas of your bike, fridge, face or street sign.

The shoe box has taken a while, always in the back of our minds but finally got finished off this week and sent away for print and construction. Is it wrong to get excited about a shoe box?

A prototype box we mocked up.

So we are currently in Las Vegas, at Interbike and above is a shot of the booth we put up. It took us all day so were totally knackered now. If you are passing by vegas anytime soon, drop in a say hello…