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The Lost Interview: Van Homan

Posted in Features, News | April 10, 2015


Working in this industry you always start things with the idea that everything will work out perfect. In most case you end up facing hurdles and you have to strive to get things accomplished. We had just wrapped up an interview with Van for a sports based feature in Front Magazine. If anyone is familiar with Front it’s more of lads n tits type of mag but they certainly had a great reach and we thought it could be fun to do. Everything was set in motion, the interview was done, Van got some photos with his dog and then, right when we really didn’t expect it the magazine went bankrupt and the interview was hypothetically lost at sea with no place to moor.

After a few attempts to get the interview featured in other publications we ended up drifting away from the idea and working on other things. Since then it’s always been on my mind to find the interview and bring these cool photos to life. So here it is, finally.
Intro Paul Robinson / Photos Ryan Scott

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Work in Progress: Van Homan Shoe

Posted in News, Product | May 29, 2014


It’s so good to start a new a shoe and it’s even better when it’s a signature shoe for Van Homan. Heres some photos of our shoe designer Joseph Sayer working hard on the initial designs. Starting from scratch is really what we are all about and there are many steps involved in the design of a shoe. We will have more updates on this in the coming months from Van himself. Stay tuned. Read More

Van Homan | At Home on the Road

Posted in News | May 19, 2014

Todays a good day, we are proud to bring you a project with Van Homan and filmer/friend Ryan Scott. Instead of going down the classic route of a welcome edit, Van decided to do what he loves best and get it all filmed along the way. He took off in his truck, visited friends, drank beers and BBQ’d food all over the east coast. If this edit does anything for you today it should be that it makes you grab that bike and go ride and enjoy yourself.


Almond Welcomes Van Homan

Posted in News | January 15, 2014


Its with a great deal of excitement that we can announce that Van Homan is now riding for Almond Footwear. What better way to start 2014 than to do it in style, were super pumped on this and excited to start work on Van’s signature shoe. Read More