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Jeff Kocsis Goodbye

Posted in News | January 6, 2015


Jeff has been one of the most entertaining and active riders we’ve had in our family but all things sometimes have to come to an end and we are sorry that this relationship has ended. Myself and Jeff will remain friends but as of now he will no longer be riding for Almond Footwear. – Paul Robinson.

Lil Jeff Interview (UNION)

Posted in Articles | April 23, 2013

Jeff is one of the worlds finest riders, he dont care for tough tricks or technical mis mashes, he just cruises his way through shit. Style for miles. Head over to the UNION for an exclusive interview with the little man himself.

Miami Trippin

Posted in Articles | April 11, 2013

Florida is dead. Theres nothing there… Thats what we were told…We took the risk and it paid off. Jeff Kocsis, Lloyd Wright, Jared Washington and IZ Pulido flew to Miami, Florida and stayed in the worst flea ridden motel in the state. During the trip David Grant came down and joined the fun, also bagging himself on the PRO team. The following is filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco and filmed over 8 days.

Jeff Kocsis QSS 3

Posted in Articles | January 4, 2013

Jeff’s part from “Foreign And Domestic.” Available as a bonus on The QSS 4 DVD