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Jared Catch Up

Posted in Articles, News | July 21, 2014
Hahaha big thank you to @freakorico for this masterpiece of me surrounded by Asian booty.

Hahaha big thank you to @freakorico for this masterpiece of me surrounded by Asian booty. 

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The 1&9 Promo

Posted in Features, News | February 12, 2014

Jared’s original 1&9 signature shoe was released a good few years ago, so an update has been long over due. Looking fresh for 2014 the all new 1&9 builds on the foundations of the old shoe but delivers far more. Designed from the ground up two achieve two things, work great on the bike, and look good off it.

The shoe is built on the incredibly grippy Almond Vulc sole, which includes a built in PU shock absorber under the heel to prevent bruising. A reinforced heel cup and strengthened upper ensure the shoe offers plenty of support . The materials, stitching details and clean lines give the shoe a look that masks the shoes rider focused design.

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The 1&9 is back.

Posted in Features, Product | July 17, 2013

Jared 1

Back when we started this adventure we had a few issues with Jared’s first signature shoe; the 1&9. We decided to develop and continue to grow the other models and come back to Jared’s shoe once we had a better view of what we wanted and what Jared wanted. We are happy to say we’ve finally finished the all new mark II version and these will be part of the AW13 range out in the shops in November 2013. Read More

Washington Ad

Posted in Articles, Product | May 3, 2013


The new Albion is out and Jareds new ad is there! Taken by Daniel Benson.

Miami Trippin

Posted in Articles | April 11, 2013

Florida is dead. Theres nothing there… Thats what we were told…We took the risk and it paid off. Jeff Kocsis, Lloyd Wright, Jared Washington and IZ Pulido flew to Miami, Florida and stayed in the worst flea ridden motel in the state. During the trip David Grant came down and joined the fun, also bagging himself on the PRO team. The following is filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco and filmed over 8 days.