Benson on London

Posted in News | August 13, 2015

5 years ago when we started Almond Footwear we sat Daniel Benson down and talked to him about his recent move to the big city. Benson went on to produce and edit the legendary Albion Magazine and still lives and rides in London, keeping to his word. Read More

The Lost Interview: Van Homan

Posted in Features, News | April 10, 2015


Working in this industry you always start things with the idea that everything will work out perfect. In most case you end up facing hurdles and you have to strive to get things accomplished. We had just wrapped up an interview with Van for a sports based feature in Front Magazine. If anyone is familiar with Front it’s more of lads n tits type of mag but they certainly had a great reach and we thought it could be fun to do. Everything was set in motion, the interview was done, Van got some photos with his dog and then, right when we really didn’t expect it the magazine went bankrupt and the interview was hypothetically lost at sea with no place to moor.

After a few attempts to get the interview featured in other publications we ended up drifting away from the idea and working on other things. Since then it’s always been on my mind to find the interview and bring these cool photos to life. So here it is, finally.
Intro Paul Robinson / Photos Ryan Scott

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Homan Shoe

Posted in News | January 24, 2015


Not long now, Van Homan signature shoes. We can’t wait either…

Jeff Kocsis Goodbye

Posted in News | January 6, 2015


Jeff has been one of the most entertaining and active riders we’ve had in our family but all things sometimes have to come to an end and we are sorry that this relationship has ended. Myself and Jeff will remain friends but as of now he will no longer be riding for Almond Footwear. – Paul Robinson.

Jared Catch Up

Posted in Articles, News | July 21, 2014
Hahaha big thank you to @freakorico for this masterpiece of me surrounded by Asian booty.

Hahaha big thank you to @freakorico for this masterpiece of me surrounded by Asian booty. 

Lets catch up with the east coast bossman… Read More

Lloyd Wright Pic

Posted in News | June 23, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.16.39

Awesome pic of Lloyd Wright in London, this was taken at the same time as filming our Look Book AW13. Hadrien Picard isn’t just a boss on the video, he’s a player at both games. Read More

WIN a secret box of Almond goodness

Posted in News | June 18, 2014


If you want to win a mysterious free box from David Grant all you have to do is send a Tweet including the #DGFREEBIE hashtag. Or visit here now and use the tweet button. Read More


Posted in News | June 4, 2014
David Grant


Terms & Conditions
The Surprise package is everything it is, you cannot choose the items, but you will be contacted about the sizes.
You can tweet as many times as you want but there will be only one winner.
Last day to enter is July 1st 23:59PM BST. Worldwide entrants.
You will be notified via DM on twitter within 10 days after the final date.

Work in Progress: Van Homan Shoe

Posted in News, Product | May 29, 2014


It’s so good to start a new a shoe and it’s even better when it’s a signature shoe for Van Homan. Heres some photos of our shoe designer Joseph Sayer working hard on the initial designs. Starting from scratch is really what we are all about and there are many steps involved in the design of a shoe. We will have more updates on this in the coming months from Van himself. Stay tuned. Read More

Tanner & Fat Chicks

Posted in News | May 27, 2014

I’m a little late on this, but you don’t need to know much other than its Tanner and he goes hell for leather.