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Gear Guide

Posted in Product | October 4, 2012

Need to know some more about our shoes? Head over to Vital and get the lowdown.

Interbike 2012

Posted in Articles, Product | September 21, 2012

New Season, New Kicks.

This years Interbike is in full force. We had chance to show you a full selection of the A/W rage as well as a sneak peek of our S/S colour ways. This year we introduce 4 new models and previewed the new and updated Belmont V2. First up we have the Valley… A small chiller shoe that comes in both black and teal green. We showcased the Duke Hi and Lo models and also added a Rivera Mid top to the family.

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Portland / Katalog

Posted in Articles, Product | August 15, 2012

Right now we have two sets of news, so we thought lets combine them into one and it saves us time so we can do other things like drink tea, stretches, point at dogs and ponder a bit more. The first is we have a new video out, our team were given a very strict mission; go to Portland and have a good time. Take a view here.

Secondly, our bloody brand new katalog is out, yes we spelt it differently there, see that? You can view that here. Please do and have a super fun day.

Introducing The Duke Hi

Posted in Articles, Product | March 28, 2012

Sunny days make it so hard to concentrate on work but we had to share with you our latest HI-TOP shoe, The Duke. Not much to say at this stage but more will be revealed in time. Here though is a bunch of photos to wet your appetite. Read More

Dig 87

Posted in Articles, Product | February 3, 2012

New Year, New Start. For the new season we decided to change up our magazine adverts with a series of physics defying imagery. This one will feature in the forth coming issue of Dig 87.

From Russia With Love

Posted in Product | January 16, 2012

One here for our Russian speaking alumni. The guys over at Hell Ride distribution put together these two videos to talk you through some of the finer details on both out Belmont and Riviera models. If you live Russian and want to get your hands on a pair of Almond’s just click here.

**Note: Both videos are of Russian tongue**

Ten Pack Giveaway

Posted in Product | January 10, 2012

Ten Pack are giving away some of our lovely shoes. You should hit up the site if you are in Canada.
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Ben Hucke ‘Belmont’ Edit

Posted in Product | December 21, 2011

We are proud to announce Ben’s new signature mid top shoe called the Belmont. Read More

Special Delivery

Posted in Product | November 7, 2011

A delivery is always special, it might be the birth of child or a bottle of milk, either way its exciting. Comparing those two excitements though and i’d have to say that child birth isn’t at all like receiving a bottle of milk, ironically though that bottle of milk is essential to the growth of the baby. I’ll level with you, I have no idea where I’m going with this. We are just excited because we received our first box of new season shoes. Read More

The Riviera

Posted in Product | September 29, 2011

We recently showcased our new thinner low profile model ‘The Riviera’ at Interbike in Las Vegas. These little things will be available towards the end of November. The material is PU Leather and they feature our polyurethane insole with comfortable foot bed cushion designed to absorb impacts and reduce heel bruising. They also come in suede ox blood red. Here are the first photos.
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