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Almond at Interbike

Posted in Product | September 16, 2011

So, weve been at Interbike this week, spreading our love and English charm. We are showcasing our new models, the Riviera and ‘The Belmont’ Ben Hucke signature shoe. Check this out, have a glimpse, those memories…well you can have em.

The Belmont, First Look

Posted in Product | August 3, 2011

For a while now we have been working on a new shoe, we wanted to create the best all round BMX shoe we could and we aimed to have a set of three that encompassed the same structure and fit but differed slightly from each other in style. For this we teamed up with our PRO Rider and good friend ‘Ben Hucke’ to design the Belmont; a stylish and individual BMX shoe.
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Jan Beckman and the Defacto

Posted in Product | October 5, 2010

Jan Beckman has been a trusted street rider in Cologne for a long time, always pushing his riding and always up for a party which is maybe why I hear so much about the ‘Party Beckman’, maybe that’s his alter ego, his super hero side or something, I don’t know. He did a few tricks though in his new kicks and has been heavily testing all models for a while now. Read More

The Defacto

Posted in Product | October 1, 2010

Our 1980s-inspired mid-top with a sweet Almond ‘LIPS’ tongue stamp and an overall design that’s fully ready for any old abuse. Complete with elastomere suspension core EVA midsole. This is the Defacto. Read More

A Million Postcards

Posted in Product | September 29, 2010

So Inter bike is over and we are back home. Klaus got a fever and the rain never stops in England. Here is more photos from our booth, featuring our range of shoes, hats and hoodies. Just to keep you on your toes… Read More

Spotlight: Metric

Posted in Product | August 29, 2010

Sat together in a cold dark room in Koln, scratching our heads and feeling inspired by previous classic slim line shoes of all time we set about designing the Metric. Read More

Spotlight: Magnus

Posted in Product | August 23, 2010

The Magnus is made for the real serious BMXer, we don’t mean the stern faced dudes who constantly talk about their sprocket sizes and ponders the weight of their bike more than they actually ride it. We actually mean the guys who put a lot of time and effort into progression and force themselves to learn new tricks or create new lines, the guys we are on about are the guys who live and breath BMX because they are addicted to it. Read More

Spotlight: The 1&9

Posted in Articles, Product | August 10, 2010

Jared Washington’s first Almond™ pro model is a simple, super-sleek and effortless shoe. However, don’t be fooled; the 1&9 is built for all the abuse BMXin’ can give. Designed with a casual yet solid style in mind, the 1&9 features a durable upper made from rough canvas and synthetic suede leather. The moulded PU insole with comfortable foot bed cushion is designed to absorb a wide range of impacts and reduce heel bruising which at times can put us out of riding for weeks. Read More

Testing taken seriously

Posted in Articles, Product | August 6, 2010

Testing has always been a high priority here at Almond and the methods we used were at times frowned at, but we always said we needed every kind of view and every kind of criticism regarding the construction and durability of our shoes. Testers were mainly street riders, people who went through trainers fast and always hobbled because they chucked the B’s down 10 setters. Oh and then there was the delivery guy… Read More

Look book One

Posted in Articles, Product | July 31, 2010

So the Almond ship has set sail, the blog is up and the shoes are…well, they are coming, seriously. We thought about teasing you some more but, to be honest, we are so excited about this we just couldn’t contain it any more. The industry gets to see this so why shouldn’t you, right? So here it is, phase 1 of our operations. Click here to see the shoes, the soft goods and a few of our riders…this is only the beginning.

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