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Lil Jeff Interview (UNION)

Posted in Articles | April 23, 2013

Jeff is one of the worlds finest riders, he dont care for tough tricks or technical mis mashes, he just cruises his way through shit. Style for miles. Head over to the UNION for an exclusive interview with the little man himself.

Welcome to Flow: Tanner Easterla

Posted in Articles | April 15, 2013

Haling from Sacramento, California Tanner Easterla is our newest recruit. He rides and destroys everything in his path. Sit back and watch his welcome to team edit… without further ado 4 minutes of carnage on a bicycle.

Greg Flag Goes to Space

Posted in Articles | April 12, 2013

“Every night I fall asleep to the same documentary about the universe.” – Greg Flag Read More

Miami Trippin

Posted in Articles | April 11, 2013

Florida is dead. Theres nothing there… Thats what we were told…We took the risk and it paid off. Jeff Kocsis, Lloyd Wright, Jared Washington and IZ Pulido flew to Miami, Florida and stayed in the worst flea ridden motel in the state. During the trip David Grant came down and joined the fun, also bagging himself on the PRO team. The following is filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco and filmed over 8 days.


Posted in Articles, Product | April 9, 2013


Introducing the Estate, our brand new baby. After 9 months in the womb she was delivered this morning by regular birth and after a quick once over by the doctor she seems to be doing fine. Read More

Welcome to the family David Grant

Posted in Articles | April 8, 2013


SO this news may not exactly come as a shock, most of you who keep up to date with BMX news would have figured this out. Recently we invited David Grant to Miami for 4 days on an Almond trip, he made us laugh, tore up any ledge set up he found and made it clear to us that he had a deserved place on the PRO team. Read More

Michal Šmelko/Tomas Carda

Posted in Articles | April 2, 2013

Featuring Michal Šmelko and Tomas Carda doing it for Almond in Holland! Read More

Tim Gunter

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Tim is dialled, and the rain never stops him from getting his shit done at the park. Read More