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Almond X Kink

Posted in Articles | January 24, 2012

Will Evans spent a night in with Lloyd to get some winter aggression out the way before lloyd set off abroad. Smooth guy doing smooth trick based manoeuvres in the seventies warehouse.

In the Hanger

Posted in Articles | January 20, 2012

Frenchys came through with another winter inspired edit, John Garcia and Ben Gea bedding in the new Rivieras.

Classic Jared

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In the past few days two classic Jared sections have dug there way out of the Federal archives and have made their way online. Sit back, take five minutes off and enjoy the timeless style of our east coast powerhouse.

From Russia With Love

Posted in Product | January 16, 2012

One here for our Russian speaking alumni. The guys over at Hell Ride distribution put together these two videos to talk you through some of the finer details on both out Belmont and Riviera models. If you live Russian and want to get your hands on a pair of Almond’s just click here.

**Note: Both videos are of Russian tongue**

Ten Pack Giveaway

Posted in Product | January 10, 2012

Ten Pack are giving away some of our lovely shoes. You should hit up the site if you are in Canada.
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All the best Shane!

Posted in Articles | January 3, 2012

Creating a team is an exciting process and here at Almond we didn’t just choose our riders without love or via some manufactured process. We thought long and hard about those who would suit the brand well, those who would fit in with how we think and those who would be stoked on things we did like the things they did. Shane Weston has been with Almond from the beginning and not once has he disappointed, his style and creativity is unmatched in BMX. We are totally sad to let him go but at the same time we understand how individuals must make different choices in their riding careers and we all know that riding down different paths lead to different experiences and because of that we admire him. All the best buddy!