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Guapa Video

Posted in Articles | February 27, 2011

Guapa is our first video from the UK Family. It’s a documentation of 5 days spent on the island of Tenerife, getting around in the worlds worst van with no fuel gauge and no grip on the tires. It’s a video about riding any spots we came across, and it was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve ever had the pleasure of going on. It was spent with Alex Barton-Holme, Lloyd Wright and Daniel Benson and I hope you enjoy it. Click Image or here.

Tenerife Overspill

Posted in Articles | February 17, 2011

After Tenerife I still had a bunch of photos left, I just thought I would share them to you all. We are currently working on a Tenerife micro site to showcase our trip video. Coming soon….
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Guapo Days

Posted in Articles | February 12, 2011

The trip is over, it’s our first trip for Almond Footwear and it was a great one. Trips can often result in differences, injuries, boredom, or lack of spots but ours was certainly a nice mix of positive stuff. Tenerife is for sure the holiday destination every british family seek, but i’ts also hidden with black sand beaches, mountainous Monaco style winding roads, fast hills and hundreds of spots all over a relatively small island. Sometimes you have to brush away the negative vibe a countries reputation has and remember that spots exist everywhere no matter what.
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Mid Trip Edit

Posted in Articles | February 11, 2011

Mid way through our trip to Tenerife we decided to put together a few ‘choice’ clips. Today was one of those days where the sun shines so much you forget about riding, I woke up to Lloyd and Fathead buying €3 wine from an elderly ladies front door opposite the hostel.

Later we hit the main city called Santa Cruz and made use of the interesting architecture it has to offer. Tomorrow we plan on visiting the famous volcanic black beach, or as its known now, the goth beach.

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The Island

Posted in Articles | February 9, 2011

Well we made it in one piece, which is lucky since we set off around 3 am and had to catch a horrible 7 am flight. By the time we made it to our hostel and endured the 4 hours of easy jet hell including a surrounding family akin to the mcalister’s on home alone, we were all incredibly awake and eager to hit up some spots.
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Its not what you know….

Posted in Articles | February 7, 2011

It’s who you flow Ha! We have hooked up the talented Lloyd Wright and the dialed Alex Bart-holme for our UK FLOW team and to celebrate this amazing feat we are jumping on a plane and having a week in Tenerife along with fellow UK rider Dan Benson.

As Alex has a hidden back catalogue of photos we are waiting till after the trip to update his profile, Lloyds is up and more photos and videos to come.

Follow us here and what we get up to in a mega tourist hell whole somewhere North of Africa.

Almond has landed

Posted in Articles | February 3, 2011

Yes, Almonds are landing everywhere, it’s like an organised air raid, but a safe one. These photos were sent from our friends at
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