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I want FREE shoes

Posted in Articles | December 23, 2010

You wanna win some FREE shoes huh? Well you can by following us on twitter.


After the wedding

Posted in Articles | December 19, 2010

Where were you at the wedding huh? Ah wait, let me explain first. Our shoes are being made right now and we wanted to show you guys a few pre production photos of things like the boxes, the tissue paper and the tags. Read More

Please play!

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Ok lets try again. So U.S.A and most of Europe doesn’t have Spotify yet due to copyright reasons. Fair enough. Never fear, we can force our musical tastes on you via other mediums. Here is a slightly updated version of Almond Audio #1 now on Soundcloud. If this works then we will fire out some family mixes. Give it a listen, it frikin rules and you can download it too!

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End Of The Beginning

Posted in Articles | December 15, 2010

So the first stage is now a mere distant shadow, and the rest of the Almond adventure is in front of us. The shoes are being packed into their boxes as we type and ready to be shipped to the distros and then to you! It’s an exciting time. The start of a new year is inspirational and always brings new feelings and explosions of energy, lets just say 2011 is going to be expressive in a number of ways. Read More