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A Million Postcards

Posted in Product | September 29, 2010

So Inter bike is over and we are back home. Klaus got a fever and the rain never stops in England. Here is more photos from our booth, featuring our range of shoes, hats and hoodies. Just to keep you on your toes… Read More

Benson snaps go defgrip

Posted in Articles | September 27, 2010

Benson has a nice autophoto article going on over at defgrip which I’m sure you all will have seen before you even hit this site, but it’s something we wanted share and you should go visit it.

We are at Interbike

Posted in Articles | September 23, 2010

Did you know that 108,963 couples married in Las Vegas last year, and 10292,0000 burgers were eaten too. It’s a crazy town. Above is a video of Klaus describing what we’ve got going on here in Vegas, home of burgers, weddings and Tom Jones.

Blood, sweat and vectorized tears

Posted in Articles | September 20, 2010

Hello everybody and welcome to another Almond Footwear blog, it’s been a crazy few weeks with trade shows happening and getting everything ready for production. In the last week we have designed the trade stands, the shoe box, sticker sheets, the hanging tags, the tissue paper (above) and numerous other promotional stuff, it’s been a frantic design off and I think we are winning… Read More

Fold Steady

Posted in Articles | September 11, 2010

Well I’m gonna say a quick sorry for not being so ‘on it’ when it comes to blogging, things have been some what busy and with only a couple of months to go until we explode all up inside yer grills; we needed to get everything right. Read More