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Team Awesome

Posted in Articles | July 31, 2010

So if I can just have your attention for a few minutes and drag you away from the lookbook. The reason? We have to mention our amazing team and give a big hand to these guys, not only have they expressed a great interest in the secret comings and goings of Almond Footwear but they have also sacrificed not wearing any shoes until ours are ready, and that shit hurts on those pedals.

Our team is a select few who have already shown considerable interest in our mysterious ideas even at an early production stage; our starting crew includes Ben Hucke (USA), Dan Benson (UK), Shane Weston (USA), Jan Beckman (GER) and Jared Washington (USA) who is also the first of our riders to get an Almond Pro Model, the 1&9. A full flow team will be hot at its heels soon.

Look book One

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So the Almond ship has set sail, the blog is up and the shoes are…well, they are coming, seriously. We thought about teasing you some more but, to be honest, we are so excited about this we just couldn’t contain it any more. The industry gets to see this so why shouldn’t you, right? So here it is, phase 1 of our operations. Click here to see the shoes, the soft goods and a few of our riders…this is only the beginning.

View the Lookbook

Getting to know Mr Washington

Posted in Articles | July 30, 2010

So we said we would give you a little taster of who’s who on the Almond team, we also said we would show you some of the products so then we thought, why not combine that.

Hell yeah, we are over the moon about our first recruit Jared Washington. Jared hails from New Brunswick, NJ and doesn’t really seem to have any boundaries when it comes to riding. I mean you can pretty much expect Jared to be bombing rails, whipping trails, whatever…as long as its fun it would seem. You would be hard pushed to find another rider with as much enthusiasm and determination as Jared, and still be down to earth about everything. That’s maybe why we gave him his own Pro Model; the 1&9. You might also want to have a little peak at some of our new t-shirts… Read More

You ain’t got sole

Posted in Articles, Product | July 7, 2010

Oh it’s all going so fast now, 3 years of testing, thinking, tweaking and more thinking has brought us to this point. We thought we would kick things off with a blog, it’s our way of keeping you guys connected to what we are doing and of course, this will be the first place to check about anything new in the world of Almond Footwear. A full working website with team info and products is on the Almond horizon, but right now we are thinking of this blog as a little warm up to get you used to how we run things.

Tomorrow we will unvail our new team members and over few days we will be able to let you see some of our products. It’s all beginning to take shape now and were all just a little bit excited.